De Benedictis,


born in France (Saint-Brieuc), 

raised in Bruxelles,

lives in the Nederland.

Alumnus from "De Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten" (KABK),

Den Haag. 


February 2015, “Symbolismus”, Kriterion, Amsterdam NL.

January 2016, “As Close To Black As Blue Can Be”, Den Haag NL. 

July 2016, “Graduation Festival Kabk”, Den Haag NL. 

August 2016, “The Best Of Graduates 2016”, Ron Mandos gallery, Amsterdam NL.

October 2016, “Masters Salon 2016 Panting”, KoMask, Antwerp/Bruxelles BE. 

October 2016, ArtiBrak, Den Haag NL

March 2017, “Art Fair: Artist First Ceramic +”, Francis Boeske Projects, Amsterdam NL.

May 2017, "Don’t be afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue", City Hall: "Atrium Den Haag" (Mondriaanjaar), Den Haag NL.

May 2017,  "Stagger", Heden galerie, Den Haag NL. 

July - August 2017, "Don’t be afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue”, Heden galerie, Den Haag NL.

September, 2017, “rhy ‘ thm”, Group show, Studio Doris Hardeman & Alex Andropoulos, Den Haag NL. 

October 2017, ART The Hague (Art Fair), Den Haag NL.

December 2017, This Art Fair, Amsterdam NL.